DESIGN FEES - Following the initial consultation, we prepare a detailed proposal that outlines the scope of services specific to your project.  Questions regarding use of space and budget range, would be discussed and reviewed as well. A retainer is requested at this time before proceeding with the more detailed planning. 

BUDGET PLANNING - At this phase of the project, we want you to be comfortable with the anticipated budget of the total project. We make every attempt to stay within the budget as agreed, however any developing costs unknown at this point in time, will be discussed and agreed in principal as acceptable, before proceeding with any changes or upgrades.

PROJECT MANAGENENT - Recommended contractors will provide us with  competive bids evaluated by Sterling Interior Designers, to fullfill our design plans with timely and quality work. Construction meetings and on site visits, are managed by Sterling Interior Designers,  providing  professional project management.

INSTALLATION - At Sterling Interior Designers, we are always there to oversee all installation and location of furnishings, lighting, art and accessories. This process can be done on a one time install or as furnishings arrive. All incomming furnishings are shipped to a local receiving warehouse where inspection and approval of goods is completed prior to delivery to insure that no damage has occurred during shipping.  


PROJECT PRESENTATION - At our presentation meeting  we provide preliminary design scheme options, with fabric samples, finishes, flooring, wall and window coverings, cabinetry, lighting and any pertinent items to visualize how spaces will be designed. We want to clarify the initial conceptual design plan, in order to be more precise in determining any and all necessary changes or additions in creating our final design plan, including 3-D visual aids for total design clarity.

INITIAL CONSULTATION - We offer a complimentary consultation at which time we have an opportunity to meet with you on site to discuss your ideas, listen to your priorities and get to know your specific needs. We want to create a beautiful interior that will surround you  with color, textures and furnishings that will be a reflection of your own personal taste and comfort. 

SITE MEASUREMENTS - With acceptance of the proposal we take all necessary measurements for space planning, design drawings and furnishings. If there are alterations, we are able to provide architectural drawings as well as engineering.