"Let us make it special for you"

Creating a beautiful interior is the goal, but knowing when to stop comes from experience. Should there be one more additional piece, or should there be one less. Giving a room a little space, can really make an immense difference. I guess that's why it's called "space planning.This is where a professional interior designer can be invaluable and that just comes from knowing when the design is at it's very best.

"Space, allows a room to breathe"

David Allan Root IIDA, founder of Sterling Interior Designers, wanted to make the most of the 30 plus years of interior design experience with many notable projects here in Southern California, he has been fortunate to work with architects and  builders on projects that have resulted in many satisfied clients and a good deal of referrals, which has made him an interior designer very much in demand.  He was a charter member of the International Interior Design Association in 1995, and proud to be a member today.

           David Allan Root, IIDA