"Let us make it special for you"

    "A home should unfold as you move around, inviting you to view with anticipation. The excitement of discovery as you move about and appreciate the blend of quality architecture and the interior design, can be more than just a place to live, it can become a beautiful  life of it's own".

    Just going out and buying furnishings without a fully accepted space plan is a big mistake. Allowing for "space" is absolutely necessary and allows the room to "breathe". Just filling a room with furnishings, hoping things will work out, can be most unfortunate.

"I want to create the anticipation of the coordinated architectural and design details regardless of the size of the home. Small or large, a home needs to have a comfortable feeling as well, and should be considered when planning the interior design.  I always do."


     The founder of Sterling Interior Designers, David wanted to make the most of the 30 plus years of interior design experience with many notable projects in Southern California. He has been fortunate to work with architects and  buil ders on projects that have resulted in many satisfied clients and quality referrals, which has made him an interior designer very much in demand. Several completed projects in Europe, including hotels, restaurants and private residences, have provided experiences very unique in the design field and enhanced his abilities in designing and furnishing beautiful interiors.  He was a charter member of the International Interior Design Association in 1995, and proud to be a member today.

           David Allan Root, IIDA